The contributions must follow these initial submission rules:

  1. Manuscripts must be done in a single Word file and submitted within the dates published in the annual call for papers;
  2. Submission is electronic only;
  3. Manuscripts must not have been published previously; however, exceptions will be made for abstracts or components of an academic thesis;
  4. The contributions must be written in Standard English;
  5. All papers will be submitted to the arbitration process which will be conducted by the International Editorial Board;
  6. Upon acceptance, authors will be asked to adhere to the formatting requirements as requested.

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts are reviewed in an unbiased manner, receiving prompt attention by the R&S International Editorial Board.

After a preliminary assessment of the paper’s suitability by the Editorial Board, each paper will follow a double-blinded peer review process. The goal of the Editorial Secretary is to provide the referees’ reports, and the final decision will be taken by the International Editorial Board within ten weeks of submission.

The whole process will be handled by the International Editorial Board to whom all inquiries should be addressed.

In order to ensure full anonymity of the refereeing process, authors are asked to write papers in such a way as to keep their identity from referees. In particular, authors will refrain from citing forthcoming or ongoing papers and self-citation; however, references to these papers that are deemed necessary can be added in the final version, after acceptance. Also, referees are asked to provide reports concealing their own identities.

Preliminary selections might be carried out by the International Editorial Board to assess the consistency of the paper’s content with the aims of the journal.

Authors will have the opportunity to review corrections before publication, provided the articles are submitted to the editors in a timely fashion.

Paper Submission

Paper submission must be made to the following email account:

Steps To Follow

The author must enter the following information:

  1. Title in English
  2. Name of each author, followed by his institutional affiliation
  3. Email for correspondence

In addition, the author should include a brief curriculum vitae which does not exceed 50 words. The current institutional affiliation must also be indicated. In case of receiving financial support, this fact must be indicated.


The article must be sent, in an editable form, in the extension .doc; sheet size A4; typography “Times New Roman”; size 12; normal style; justified. The paper must contain a minimum of fifteen (15) pages and should not exceed thirty-five (35). In case the article contains statistical tables, graphs or pictures, the files should be joined in the mail.

Structure Of The Paper

The structure of the paper should contain:

Title: must not exceed 20 words, expressing the main content of word in an objective and clear way. The editor team reserves the right to make adjustments to it.

Abstract: it consists of a sequence of concise and objective sentences that give a general idea of the paper. Do not pass the 25 words.

Keywords: 3 to 5 representatives words.


Material and Methods



Artwork and Tables with Captions

The papers must be divided into clearly defined sections.

The text you want to highlight within a paragraph should be written in cursive letter.

Notes should be inserted at the end of each page (“Times New Roman”, size 10), with sequential numbering starting with the number 1 in the body of the paper.


References must be made according to the APA style.

Book: Author, A. (Year of Publication). Title of work. Publisher City, State: Publisher.

Ebook: Author, A. (Year of Publication). Title of work [E-Reader Version]. Retrieved from http://xxxx or DOI:xxxx.

Book found in a database: Author, A. (Year of Publication). Title of word. Retrieved from http://xxxx or DOI:xxxx.

Journal article: Author, A. (Publication Year). Article title. Periodical Title, Volume (Issue), pp.-pp.

Journal article found online: Author, A. (Publication Year). Article title. Periodical Title, Volume (Issue), pp.-pp. DOI:XXXXXXX or Retrieved from journal URL